Continuing to be of service in the face of COVID-19

Dear Clients, Friends and All,

           We wanted to assure you that Booth Patterson is closely following developments regarding the current health emergency associated with COVID-19 pandemic. We are taking, and will continue to take, measures to protect the health and safety of our staff our families. Just like all of you, we now have to change our day-to-day business practices, but we are dedicated to continuing to provide excellent client service, as we have since 1956.

 Please know:

          º       we are continuing to actively assist our clients with their legal needs, and though certain temporary health and safety measures are now being followed in places such as the Courts and government offices, our office and operations continue and are at your service, ready to help and respond

               º   our entire office is dedicated and will do its best to maintain a healthy workplace and business environment.

Here are just some of the ways we’re doing this:

                  º       we are handling as many of our in-person activities by remote,  while still ensuring that your matters    are handled with full privacy, security and confidentiality.

                   º       as much as possible, meeting and communicating via email, telephone, and videoconferencing instead of in-person meetings.

                   º       we are paying attention and updating our policies and practices to match the best available information from the Centers for Disease Control, the Federal government, and State of Michigan.

                 º       we are directing that our staff not come to the office if they don’t feel well, if they are experiencing identified symptoms, or have recently been in contact with persons known to be ill with virus or flu.

No matter what occurs, we will do our best to respond timely to your legal matters and operate confidently to keep disruptions to a minimum. Booth Patterson continues to be on guard and at your service.

Please stay safe, and as healthy as possible and we will update you if or when circumstances change.

Please don’t hesitate to reach us at 248-681-1200 or [email protected]. You can also reach an attorney directly as follows:

          Tim Patterson, (248) 568-2478, [email protected]     

           David Lee, (248) 330-0030, [email protected]                             

           David Pernick, (248) 912-7014, [email protected]

Wishing you all safety, good health and we will get through this together

Booth Patterson, PC